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1. The Doctrine of Liberty in Hobbes's and Locke's Political Philosophy, (Thesis) in 20000 words.
2. "An Analysis of the Elements of Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration and the Relations Between them", in 5000 words; December 1987.
3. "An Analysis of the Elements of Liberty of Subjects in Hobbes's Political Philosophy", in 5000 words; December 1987.
4. "Berlin and Two Concepts of Liberty", in 2500 words; February 1988.
5. "Negative and Positive Toleration and Scarman Report", in 2500 words; March 1988.
6. "An Analysis and Evaluation of the Theories of Neutrality in the Spheres of Moral and Political Philosophy", in 6000 words; April 1988.
7. "An Evaluation of the Perspectives of Liberty in Rawls's 'A Theory of Justice' ", in 7000 words; April 1988.
8. "Power, Authority and Stability", Tehran Times, July 23, 1989.
9. British Government's Dogmatism Intolerable, Tehran Times, July 26, 1989.
10. "Export of Revolution and Introduction of Revolution, A political-Philosophical Investigation", Tehran Times, August 1, 1989.
11. "Three strategic steps for the Resumption of Iran-U.S. Relations", Tehran Times, August 3, 1989.
12. "British Moslems, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Toleration", Tehran Times, August 15, 1989.
13. "Concentration of Power and Advisory Procedure, the New Constitution", Tehran Times, August 16, 1989.
14. "Plea for Liberty and Individuals' Rights", Tehran Times,---1989.
15. "The Concept of Unity in Immam Khomeini's Political Thought", June 1995.
16. "Kant's Perpetual peace; from Representative Democracy to Cosmopolitan Society", 2004.
17. "An Evaluation of kant’s Theory of Perpetual Peace in the field of Contemporary Political Philosophy" , The International Journal of Humanities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tarbiat Moddares University, Faculty of Humanities, Tehran,Iran,vol.15, no. 2,Soring 2008.


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